* Broiled glazed bacon wrapped shrimp w/ or w/o water chestnuts

* Fried glazed bacon wrapped shrimp w/ or w/o water chestnuts

* Fried jumbo butterflied shrimp, Fried popcorn shrimp

* Fried stuffed shrimp

* Shrimp boulettes

* Shrimp creole with rice

* Shrimp etouffee with rice

* BBQ shrimp (peel on) with rice

* Shrimp scampi with angel hair

* Shrimp and grits- typically served in martini glasses

* Jack Daniels shrimp with spinach bacon salad

* Shrimp stew with rice

* Shrimp au gratin

* Brie wedge with Jack Daniels shrimp

* Shrimp jambalaya

* Shrimp and okra gumbo

* Shrimp and corn soup

* Lemon glazed shrimp tempura (fried)

* Coconut glazed shrimp tempura (fried)

* Honey glazed shrimp tempura (fried)

* Spicy apricot glazed shrimp and fruit skewers

* Grilled shrimp, onion, bell pepper skewers

* Grilled shrimp (salad and sandwich style)

* Shrimp remoulade

* Boiled shrimp with cocktail sauce

* Lemon shrimp

* Shrimp and Tasso Pasta


* Bronzed tilapia filets

* Baked tilapia with spicy crab stuffing

* Golden fried tilapia strips

* Southern fried catfish

* Fried whole catfish filets

* Broiled whole flounder with spicy crab stuffing

* Fried whole flounder with spicy crab stuffing

* Smoked salmon with condiments and dill crustini

* Poached or grilled salmon steaks with saffron rice

* Marinated grilled tuna steak with raspberry dipper

* Grilled tuna steak salad

* Redfish courtboiullion

* Tilapia with creamy mushroom sauce

* Catfish rolls with spinach ricotta stuffing and creamy crab sauce

* Golden fried trout almondine

* Grilled salmon patties or croquettes (or fried)


* Spicy grilled crab caked with remoulade or bearnase sauce

* Pan style crab quiche with etouffe sauce

* Stuffed crabs

* Fried soft shell crabs (regular or buster)

* Flat-grilled Italian breaded buster crabs with honey pecan sauce

* Spicy crab stuffed mushrooms

* Crab stuffed flounder

* Creamy crab soup

* Crab deviled eggs

* Crab and potato gratin

* Crab au gratin

* Creamy crab and spinach soup

* Marinated or Fried crab claws

* Hot crab mornay

* Hot cream cheese and crab dip

* White lump crab meat and bearnaise sauce topping for steak

* Spicy crab stuffed bouchees

* Stuffed Spicy Crab Mushrooms

Other Meats




* Venison Sausage

* Leg of Lamb with Mint

* Lamb Chops, Grilled w/ Butter, Lemon, Garlic, Worcestershire, & Mint

* Marinated Duck Breast (Grilled or Roasted) Carved & Sliced

* Almond Duck Strips w/ Asian Ginger Sauce

* Duck Quesadillas w/ Teriyaki

* Duck and Andouillie Gumbo

* Veal-Paneed’ Breaded Cutlets

* Stuffed Veal Chops

* Orange Glaze Veal Roast


* Turtle Sauce Picante’

* Turtle Soup

* Fried Alligator

* Fried Calamari

* Fried Oysters

* Fried Bacon Wrapped Oysters

* Oysters Rockefeller

* Oysters Florentine

* Raw Oysters on the Half Shell *

* Sushi & Sashimi *

Note: Although every safety and sanitary precaution is observed when preparing uncooked or under-cooked seafood, consuming said seafood can be a health issue to certain individuals. Eat at your own risk.


* Chicken Parmesan

* Eggplant Parmesan

* Eggplant Fritters

* Baked Lasagna; Meat, Florentine, Veggie, Seafood

* Italian Sausage & Italian Meatballs Marinara w/ Spaghetti

* Stuffed Manicotti; Meat, Florentine, Cheese

* Shrimp Scampi w/ Angel Hair

* Italian Chicken Beasts w/ Honey Pecan or Marinara

* Italian Cream Cake

* Lemon Berry Marscarpone

* New York Cheesecake

* Sugar Free New York Cheesecake

* Turtle Cheesecake

* Tiramisu


* Gumbo; Chicken/Sausage, Seafood (w/ or w/o Andouillie), Duck Andouillie

* Jambalaya; Chicken/Sausage or Seafood

* Shrimp Creole

* Etouffee; Crawfish, Shrimp, Seafood

* Shrimp Boulettes w/ White Beans and Rice

* Crawfish Madeline

* Magnolia; Crawfish or Seafood

* Crawfish Pies

* Stuffed Crabs

* Fried Soft Shell Crabs

* Fried Seafood Platters

* Boiled Seafood (Seasonal)

Welcome to Castalano's.

Two deli-style restaurant locations featuring a menu of sandwiches, salads, pastas, plate lunches, dinners, and desserts. We also offer full-service catering, with over 40 years of serving Houma.


Grilled Chicken Breast Sandwich


Grilled chicken breast, tomato, bacon, avocado, swiss and mayo on toasted wheatberry bread. Served with potato salad or chips.

Brenda's Taco Salad


Salad mix topped with seasoned meat, cheddar cheese, avocado, tortilla chips with sour cream and salsa on the side.

Corn & Crab Bisque

Cup $4.50

Bowl $7.95

7881 Main Street
Houma, LA 70360
11 AM–2 PM

6897 West Park Avenue
Houma, LA 70360
11 AM–8 PM